Belvedere – Directly bordering and just above Noordhaven and Silvermine Road, Belvedere homes are also situated on 1/4 acres with greater elevation offering panoramic views of the sea, mountains and Noordhoek Valley. The homes here are much larger with a natural double storey aspect and simple design yet characterised by their large wrapped verandahs and balconies maximising each property’s position and orientation.

Brambledene –  Almost an extension of Dassenberg but with its own unique style. Homes on 1 acre stands can be found here and many of them are thatched. A cul de sac feel to this area ensures its privacy and peaceful ambience is maintained. Views are good from this area also with its natural elevation.

Brookwood – Situated next to Noordhaven and below Belvedere these 1/4 acre properties are full of character with their cottage like features and immediately recognised by their predominantely green roofs and white walls.

Chapmans Peak Village – Also referred to as the ‘beach area’ the homes here are mostly on 1/4 acre plots  and extend from the beachfront back towards the Noordhoek Common. The protected Milkwood Tree also calls this place home and are seen on many properties in this area along with the odd palm tree also. A range of architectural styles and buildings are common in this area and places of interest include Monkey Valley and The Red Herring.

Crofters Valley – Stretching from Dassenberg along Noordhoek Main Road to the bottom of Ou Kaapse Weg you will find some more 1 acre properties. The area displays a variety of styles with slightly older properties. Some of these properties operate as Guesthouses and B&B’s whilst the majority are enjoyed by those wanting horses or the extra space to enjoy with their families.

Danieldale – A smaller private estate adjacent to De Goede Hoop Estate with properties of 1 and 2 acres. Enjoying good elevation to take in the lovely views of the surrounding valley, mountains and Atlantic Ocean.

Dassenberg – Across from San Michel and below Silvermine Road Dassenberg flows down to Noordhoek Main Road. The properties here are primarily 1 acres with the Upper part of Dassenberg enjoying its elevated position with excellent views of the Atlantic Ocean and Chapmans Peak. Those homes further down Dassenberg are often home to horses as more convenient access to bridal paths can be found.

De Goede Hoop Estate – A private residential estate enjoying gated access that stretches from behind the Noordhoek Farm Village up the slopes of Silvermine Mountainside. Many of the properties here are situated on some of the largest erven in the area of between 4 and 6 acres. Established gardens with yellowoods, oaks and other majestic trees are commonly found here.

Lake Michelle – Situated in the same gated community as The Lakes the latest extension Lake Michelle features a more modern interpretation on home design. Homes here are situated both around the perimeter and on peninsulas with many enjoying Lake frontage. The estate is still in development at the moment and has become a popular choice.  (Our Area Specialist for Lake Michelle is a Resident Agent in the Eco-estate, Charlene Faint 083 765 2116)

Meadowsteads – What would Noordhoek be without horses! Many of the properties here enjoy 2 acres or more with many being home to a wide variety of horse breeds. The convenient access to local trails, the Noordhoek Riding Association, bridal paths and Noordhoek Common make this area very popular with horse owners. The more tradional Cape Dutch style is very common here as are interpretations of Cape Vernacular.

Noordhaven – Situated between Silvermine Road and Belevedere and adjacent to Cape Point Vineyards. This area is synonymous with a modern Cape Vernacular reference. The homes are upper floor/storey are not natural double storey as in Belvedere but rather rooms built under the eaves or commonly referred to as a ‘room in the roof’.  The homes here are all situated on over a 1/4 acre stands and benefit from magnificent sea views due to their elevation.

San Michel – This area begins next to Brookwood and Belvedere and runs along Silvemine Road stretching across to Zilvermyn Village. Many of these homes are on the standard 1/4 acre plot and display various styles with even some timber homes being present. Many of the first homeowners on the mountainside still live here today. The gardens are more established and the slightly more southerly position does however mean that not all the homes benefit from a view of the Atlantic Ocean. Many of the local birdlife such as Peacocks and Guinea Fowl also call this place home.

Sleepy Hollow – Not unlike its namesake but far more inviting! The Oak tree lined road to Sleepy Hollow gives the area great character and a peaceful ambience. The properties here also enjoy 1/4 acre plots with the odd half acre, full acre and some larger properties enjoying the serenity this area offers. Sleepy Hollow Horse Riding Centre is also here and well worth a visit for outrides.

The Lakes – A gated development commonly with the lake as its playground. The southern section of this estate is home to the more established side of the estate with single storey homes offering more traditional living with some smaller semi detached and townhouses also on offer.

Zilvermyn/Noordhoek Manor – Often mistaken for the Silvermine Retirement Village, Zilvermyn and Noordhoek Manor is a private residential estate that does share a gated security access with its neighbours. Many Cape Vernacular properties on 1/4 acres are found here along with the odd smaller erven also. Quick access and convenience to Ou Kaapse Weg is a bonus here as is quick access to Silvermine Nature Reserve.

Please contact us should you have an enquiry about one of these areas or if you wish to view the building design manuals/guidelines for Belvedere,  Brookwood, Brambledene, Lake Michelle and Noordhaven.

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    We are currently looking for a 3 bedroom place in Noordhoek. With Garden, study, 2x bathrooms, security estate, Complex. R12 000 -R15 000pm from the 1st of December 2015.
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