Nik Rabinowitz – Dry White

In his new one-man show, Dry White, Nik explores the causes and its ramifications of Cape Town’s water crisis – which if you know anything about Cape Town, you may know are not the same for everyone. He looks at the bigger picture, but also the smaller picture – the details nobody has had time to consider. For example; should we really still be referring to it as The Cape of Storms?

It’s important to note however, that Nik is addressing the water crisis because it’s a highly relevant subject at the moment, that he knows his audience wants to hear about. And he’s using it to reel you in, so that he can get into what he really wants to talk about – relationships.

When it comes to relationships with humans, Nik has had many, continues to pursue some, and lose others. Whether it’s his relationship with his very first girlfriend – who ended up being his last girlfriend (as a result of ultimately becoming his wife), or the girlfriends in-between, or his relationship with his children or an aunt or his dogwalker (you heard me) or his late father – it’s all connected to something larger. What is that something?

You’ll have to come to the show to find out. But keep your expectations low when it comes to getting real answers – remember, this is a comedy show.

When: March 14, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Where: Cafe Roux, Noordhoek Farm Village, Village Road, Noordhoek
Cost: R140

This post is sponsored by Chas Everitt Cape Town South

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