Shark Encounter at Noordhoek

Graeme Field in action at Noordhoek. Image courtesy of Liquid Images

Kommetjie Resident and Western Province Surfer Graeme Field and two friends had a close encounter on Wednesday morning, 5 November, when two Great White Sharks decided to pay them a visit whilst surfing. Field had headed out early with friends Carolyn Dent and Charles Tanton to surf local spot The Dunes at Noordhoek Beach. They found the break uncrowded and proceeded to paddle out when approximately 10 minutes into their surf they were approached by the two other ‘locals’.

Field shared the encounter with us again this morning and played down the event. “We actually didn’t realise at the time there were two of them (even though we saw a fin a few different times – twice very close and once further away). But a boat then spotted them and shot off to the Hoek to tell the surfers. That’s how we found out the boat had definitely seen two great whites. The sharks were pretty chilled though, just cruising slowly along towards the Hoek. I had my phone and bag on the beach so I called shark spotters to tell their Noordhoek spotter to get the guys out the water before they got there.

Summing up the close encounter the ever calm and collected Field chirped “they still ruined a perfectly good surf, and we’d only been in the water for 10 minutes. A long walk for a short surf! Eish.”

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