The Gift of Dance

Dance poster draft colourful balls 2e-2T.A.M.I (Teva’s Arts and Movement Initiative) is an arts organisation under which the project ‘Support a child to Dance’ is run. Since 2011 this project has raised funds to cover the fees of talented young dancers from disadvantaged homes to attend dance classes at local

This project currently provides free dance classes for over 20 children, is training 2 young adults as Dance and Pilates teachers and aims to provide more access to dance in the future. As a busy teacher and mother, Teva Scarborough has been unable to find the time to go through the laborious process of registering this project as an NPO and therefore has to find other means of fund raising.

Please support their Fund Raising Dance Show on 5th December at Fish Hoek High School. This event is also a Christmas Market which is open to the public even if they do not want to watch the show.

R10 entry to market and R40 entry to show. All proceeds go towards covering the costs of producing the show and towards their funding for 2015!

For more information contact Teva on or find us on Facebook under TAMI or ‘Support a child to dance‘.

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