Warning: Steer Clear of the Coast

weather warning

Residents are asked to stay away from areas like the Atlantic Seaboard, False Bay coastline and the Strand/Gordon’s Bay beachfront during this period. Property owners along the coast need to be prepared for possible storm surge impacts to their property.

This is the warning issued by the City of Cape Town’s Disaster Risk Management Centre.

Council’s executive director for Safety and Security Richard Bosman says very rough seas with waves in excess of six metres are predicted for coastal areas.

“As with previous episodes of severe weather conditions, the City of Cape Town has put in place measures to try and mitigate the impact, and our operational staff will be on standby to assist residents in need over the next few days,” he says.

“We urge the public to exercise caution, especially on the roads, as we tend to see an increase in motor vehicle accidents during bad weather periods. Allow extra time for travelling and maintain a safe following distance in wet weather where visibility is compromised.”

The South African Weather Service has warned of cold and wet conditions across the country in the next few days.

The first of two cold fronts made landfall early on Wednesday.

Snowfall has also been forecast in high-lying areas, with very cold conditions setting in.

The second cold front is expected to start developing late on Wednesday, with strong onshore winds and persistent, widespread showers which could result in localised flooding in places.

The South African Weather Service has indicated that the conditions should start clearing by Friday.

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