Western Leopard Toad Protected by new Barrier

Barrier erected to protect Western Leopard Toads in Noordhoek
Barrier erected to protect Western Leopard Toads in Noordhoek

A barrier has been developed and put in place on Noordhoek Main Road to prevent migrating leopard  toads from being killed as they cross the road while trying to access their traditional breeding grounds at Lake Michelle where they congregate from July – September to breed.

The barrier is patrolled several times every evening and once again in the morning. This means that migrating toads are not kept too long ‘waiting’ before they can get to the ponds. Patrollers find the toads and carry them over the roads to the ponds. When the breeding season ends and the toads start to reverse their migration, the patrollers will do it all again – the other way around.

The recent incident on Main Rd in which a team of patrollers was rear-ended by the young driver, serves to highlight the dangers of patrolling Main Rd in order to save toads. Motorists, please be aware of the possible presence of patrollers on the Noordhoek Main Road when it is wet and rainy.

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